COVID Policy

Policy Overview

  • Mandatory Masks Required Indoors
  • Vaccine Requirement
  • Testing Encouraged
  • Onsite Health + Safety Measures

Mandatory Masks Required Indoors

Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth and must be made of a tight-knit, non-permeable material. KN95 or N95 masks are recommended. Cloth masks are acceptable. Bandanas, scarves, and gators are not permitted to be used as masks.

Masks do not need to be worn when in outdoor spaces and while actively eating food and beverage indoors. Speakers are not required to wear masks while presenting.

Vaccine Requirement

All attendees must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination upon first entry to the event. Attendee badges will be used as proof of vaccination throughout the event.

Testing Encouraged

We strongly encourage attendees to test themselves for COVID before and during the conference. Self-test kits are available for sale in most convenience stores and pharmacies in Metro Manila.

NOTE: please perform your test at your home, hotel room, or other private space, and do not bring your completed test to the venue.

Onsite Health + Safety Measures

Please expect the following measures to be in place at the event.

  • Mask mandate
  • Proof of vaccination
  • Event signage indicating required health and safety protocols
  • Additional space between speakers and attendees in conference rooms to allow speakers to give talks without wearing masks, while keeping attendees safe
  • Rigorous onsite cleaning and sanitizing of all touch points including cleaning of each badge check-in station between participants
  • Proper health and safety protocols for those handling food & beverage
  • Sanitized microphones between each speaker’s use
  • Plentiful sanitation stations onsite

At a minimum, we will be following all mandated venue and municipality guidelines. This list, and all protocols, are subject to change as the fluid COVID-19 situation changes.


This COVID policy is largely based on the policy from PyCascades - thank you for allowing us to modify & re-use your content.